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The Good: It was Hilarious and I have never seen something like it anywhere else unless in my mind and other peoples minds.

The Bad: Short and I don't like the colours you used.... lol I do but I don't like the way you picked to use them.

How you can improve: Just watch this over and over again and do it again and look at what you don't like about it and add in what you think it needs.

I saw this before I joined and I like it but you could put more into it. Like this is just one thing and then Pikachu I don't hate anyone but if I did it would be people who like pokemon even though I like it. No I don't but Ash and Pikachu should be deleted from it or removed and whatever that tall guy with brown hair is called. I think it's Miles but I don't know I was really young when I watched it and the whole school liked it and maybe thats why I don't like it, mainly the cards and the games and how people like the game but it's good and this is good I would watch it if it was always just this and funny and parody style.

"Haha lolz!" It was very short though. Good job. (I liked it but I'm very tired so here are pros and cons:

Cons first: Short/The voice was annoying/the writing at the end didn't fit.

Pros: It was funny mainly because of the voice and the guy falling over, it was really cute like I want one of those coats or whatever with eyes and then scare family members...... I don't like how he had one shoe/noticed only one shoe. That might be a con but the cuteness of his costume got the better of me.

I really like parts of it and other parts are okay but delete the other parts because they don't fit in the animations full.

The thing at the end gave me a headache, offence intended haha just kidding.

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I don't know how to play....... There are no arrows on the screen. It feels like you took the art from a picture of a thing.

If you did it then well done but it's dull, just one picture.

I'll check back later.

Varjokani responds:

Oh.. I think I should update "how to play" again.. Well in start you have to click "Wake up" and select "go out" and "Go for adventure".
Then those arrows will show up.
And yes I drew all here myself. ^^'

Cool game:D

You could improve on the sound part. Awesome game though:D But no I don't like it...... I doubt I can do any better. Well not at the moment. Good for you:D

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This is like the best thing I have heard but not the best. But it's the best for like this music amount, if you understand it.

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lalalalalalalalalalalaalalalaalalaalalalaalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaallaalalalalalallaalalalalalalalalalalalala. I like this FIVE BILLION STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the shoes.

A semi professional business busyman. I like long walks on the beach and giant eskimo hats.

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